-The Graphical Botanical Database Management Tool-


-The X-Platform Graphical Botanical Database Management Tool-

 Email: hrulabs@user.sourceforge.net 

Version 0.0.1 conceived September, 2002.

 (Current Version, V3 build 4 Alpha Single User Released April 21, 2008 )

Last updated  August 31, 2008 9:36 PM

Alpha 7 should be available soon.


Major Update!

Platform Independent PHP, MYSQL, JAVA 
Incorporated K5N's webcalendar to my project.

Description -

--XGBDMT-- Graphical Botanical Database Management Tool -


This is a (as the title says) a X-Platform Graphical Botanical Database Management Tool. It is for keeping track of a large number of (if not every conceivable) variable in the growth of plants, their environment, and experiments performed. Producing custom reports and displaying images. It was originally written in MS Access, and either could be run in MS Access, or through a web page interface. Though this is still available in Access it has bugs and has very limited functionality. Additionally, I have not, am not, and will not further its development since its last build.


XGBDMT currently requires:

Server Side {Should run on just about anything}

Client Side

The program front end is extremely versatile and easy to use. It is mainly for use with grow room and green house plants of any
variety and growing environment, though will also work well with outdoor plants.

I would also like it to be able to link to botanical databases to display a verity of information about particular species of plants
along side of the variables you input yourself, enabling a baseline comparison, and a guide to proper growing conditions.

This program is useful from collage students to botanical labs, from the common household hobbyist to the most seasoned landscaper.

Over all this release is bug free and rock solid stable. It does like linux over windows but that's to be expected.


Please help to make this good software great.

Coming Soon {These items are coded but not yet released} -


To Do -

Known Bugs - 


Trouble shooting tips -

Easy from scratch install suggestions.

  1. Install Ubuntu Linux (Hardy-Heroin is the build used here, I also suggest you use a laptop so you can bring your computer to the plants as opposed to taking and transposing notes.)
  2. Using Synaptic package manager install the following. (All dependencies will automatically be installed.)
    1. apache 2
    2. mysql-client
    3. mysql-common
    4. mysql-server
    5. php5-common
    6. php5-mysql
    7. php5-mcrypt
    8. phpmyadmin
  3. Follow the programs installation instructions and there you have it. No configuration of the server is needed, just install the required packages.
-Legal Stuff-
As of August 30, 2008 this project will be licensed under GNU/GPL